The Song of Harmony

Emotions arise, dispersing moving with conscious fragility dissolving into the oneness of expansion creating a new dimension for emotions to rise once more and be felt.


Time, linearity paradigm that followed like a shadow measuring the achievements we’ve made the rationality of our choices it is never too late, for the present moment, where the breath is taken and given to just become like the lotus that just blossoms like the river that sings in the stillness of space devoid ofContinue reading “Becoming”


The concept of my earlier work has always centered on the point of coming together. Converging. Embracing. Coming together as one. I always pondered on the rather peculiar composition of my artwork that was always done intuitively. Now, after several years and within the space of openness and gratitude, I see the beauty of thatContinue reading “Convergence”

Coming home

The first breath, as he steps into another dream the first cry, as he reaches out to his mother The first walk, as he explores curiosity the first spoken word, as he recognizes desire the first of many experiences as he dreams the dream of endless possibilities. As the dreamer dreams weaving stories in realityContinue reading “Coming home”