About Sharon 

The Anigozanthos Garden, a collection of kangaroo paws species that are endemic to New South Wales and Western Australia.  

Sharon Mak is an Australian artist who is living in the United States. Her work focuses on celebrating the essence, flow and beauty of the Australian native flowers and trees. Her passion and commitment towards environmental conservation has led her to focus on Australian native plant specimens while promoting the uniqueness and biodiversity of Australian flora, globally. Sharon specializes in botanical art and often incorporates symbolism and textures in her more contemporary and modern pieces. Her work has been showcased at well known art shows such as Botanica (Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney), Camberwell Art Show (Victoria) and Bayside Art Show (Victoria).

Sharon Mak’s academic qualification includes Bachelor of Science (Honours) Industrial Chemistry and Masters of Science Chemical Engineering. She has also published several technical literatures and patent applications for wastewater recycling, additional to her artistic endeavors.

The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance.