Illustrating the beauty and gifts that come with the chosen path. No wrong or right choices, only experiences. Specimen— Eucalyptus saxatilis, media— graphite on paper, size— 14x17in.


Anigozanthos, also known as Kangaroo Paws. An iconic Australian genus that could flourish even on the sandiest turf. A flowering oasis to many birds, mammals and insects. Resilience!

Divinity in Nature

Divinity in Nature tells a story of reconnection of the inner self with the beauty and strength of nature. An ecosystem that is omnipresent at every stage of life. 560x760mm. Acrylic, graphite and copper leaves. Floral specimen– Eucalyptus tereticornis.

The Song of Harmony

Emotions arise, dispersing moving with conscious fragility dissolving into the oneness of expansion creating a new dimension for emotions to rise once more and be felt.

Journey to love

A loving heart is the truest wisdom.      Charles Dickens (1812-1870 I named this piece “Journey to love”, in reflection of the rather captivating way the Hakea laurina takes to blossom. Bursting from a tight cocoon-like bud to a glorious pink floret. Yes, just like a butterfly emerging from its safe cocoon. Much likeContinue reading “Journey to love”