Coming home

The first breath,

as he steps into another dream

the first cry,

as he reaches out to his mother

The first walk,

as he explores curiosity

the first spoken word,

as he recognizes desire

the first of many experiences

as he dreams the dream

of endless possibilities.

As the dreamer dreams

weaving stories in reality

the fabric of consciousness

envelops his heart

whispering words of remembrance

and allowance

awakening the dreamer

to the forgotten song of his heart

to come home

to the infinite love

the source of all dreams.

Published by Sharon Mak

Sharon is a self-taught artist with expansive graphite and mixed-media work focusing on the diverse Australian native flora. Her art work is emotionally rich to bring out the unique and intricate qualities of the native species, drawing parallelism in the abundance of lives around her, and those that continue to inspire her. Her attention to fine details and composition is evident as you delve into Sharon's portfolio of works. Sharon has exhibited in Melbourne and Sydney over the years.

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