A celebration of the limitlessness of life. Acrylic, graphite and copper leaves. Specimen- Dendrobium speciosum. 22×30 inches, Archers 300gsm paper.


Illustrating the beauty and gifts that come with the chosen path of one’s life. Graphite. Specimen- Eucalyptus saxatilis, 14×17 inches.


“Big Red”, attracting birds and insects to its nectar rich flowers. Flowers religiously in Australia’s spring and summer. Acrylic, 5×5 inches.

The Flowering Gum

Oh, how they dance in the summer! Graphite. Drafting film, 23×33 inches.

Divinity in Nature

Tells a story of reconnection of the inner self with the nature. An ecosystem that is omnipresent at every stage of life. Acrylic, graphite and copper leaves. Specimen- Eucalyptus teretircornis. 22×30 inches, Arches 300gsm paper.

Two Lives

When two lives converge and become one. Acrylic. Specimen- Eucalyptus macrocarpa and Chamelaucium uncinatum (Geraldton wax flower). 22×30 inches.

Peace of Hearts

An illustration of the Ceratopetalum gummiferum, also know as the Christmas Bush. A prolific species endemic to New South Wales that blossoms during Christmas. Acrylic. 22×30 inches on Archers 300gsm.

Divine Blossoms

Some say they are like fireworks that colour the Australian summer. A much loved Australian species. Graphite. 22×30 inches, Archers 300gsm.


Featuring Australia’s native Rock Orchid (dendrobium speciosum), Acrylics, 20×20 inches.

Tree of Happiness, acrylics on canvas, 40×20 inches. Specimen- Southern Magnolia.

The Embrace, 20x20x2in. Acrylics on canvas.

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