Illustrating the beauty and gifts that come with the chosen path. No wrong or right choices, only experiences. Specimen— Eucalyptus saxatilis, media— graphite on paper, size— 14x17in.


Anigozanthos, also known as Kangaroo Paws. An iconic Australian genus that could flourish even on the sandiest turf. A flowering oasis to many birds, mammals and insects. Resilience!

Divinity in Nature

Divinity in Nature tells a story of reconnection of the inner self with the beauty and strength of nature. An ecosystem that is omnipresent at every stage of life. 560x760mm. Acrylic, graphite and copper leaves. Floral specimen– Eucalyptus tereticornis.

Keep the light

“Deep in their roots, all flowers keep the light”, Theodore Roethke Indeed. The understated beauty of the cascading Rock Lily orchid (Dendrobium speciosum) reminds me of the subtlety of our inner beauty. One that underpins the thoughts that we share and the gifts that we give. A smile. A soft gentle touch. Kind words to lift the heart. TheContinue reading “Keep the light”