“Make your life an art”

There cannot be more profound words than these. Finding liberation in expressing oneself, without limitations and fear. Expressing and living the uniqueness of one’s own song and dance. The process of creation (i.e., a drawing, painting or poetry) is a always humbling and sometimes, vulnerable process for me. It is a path that makes me step beyond the reality that we see with our eyes. The convergence of the fluidity of emotions within and the existence of beautiful nature and the nourishing elements FOR me. Creating from the feelings of gratitude and constant wonderment!

My artistic purpose is to not only create but to share the experience of gratitude. The grey shadings of leafy veins and the touch of colour on petals, to only tease the childlike wonderment and freedom within the viewer -to reminisce a beautiful memory, to appreciate love, to explore and step beyond the reality that you see with your eyes. To feel and converge with the emotions within.

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