Divine blossoms

Flowering gums, Corymbia ficifolia.

Some say they are like fireworks that colour the Australian summer. A much loved Australian native indeed, men and fauna alike. A very giving species I’d like to think, with its heavy branches of blossoms and nectar, playing its divine role in the course of nature.

A graceful reminder of the ever flowing gift we have in our hearts. Divine love. A love that that holds no control and fear over another’s heart and soul. Only love. To see each other as we are, inside-out. The same love we are all share, a divine gift, in the course of nature.

There is a force within, which gives you life – seek That. In your body lies a priceless gem – seek That.…if you want to find the greatest treasure. Don’t look outside, look inside, and seek That – Rumi

Drawing on Arches 560 x 760mm. Pencil.

Published by Sharon Mak

Sharon is a self-taught artist with expansive graphite and mixed-media work focusing on the diverse Australian native flora. Her art work is emotionally rich to bring out the unique and intricate qualities of the native species, drawing parallelism in the abundance of lives around her, and those that continue to inspire her. Her attention to fine details and composition is evident as you delve into Sharon's portfolio of works. Sharon has exhibited in Melbourne and Sydney over the years.

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