Divine blossoms

Flowering gums, Corymbia ficifolia.

Some say they are like fireworks that colour the Australian summer. A much loved Australian native indeed, men and fauna alike. A very giving species I’d like to think, with its heavy branches of blossoms and nectar, playing its divine role in the course of nature.

A graceful reminder of the ever flowing gift we have in our hearts. Divine love. A love that that holds no control and fear over another’s heart and soul. Only love. To see each other as we are, inside-out. The same love we are all share, a divine gift, in the course of nature.

There is a force within, which gives you life – seek That. In your body lies a priceless gem – seek That.…if you want to find the greatest treasure. Don’t look outside, look inside, and seek That – Rumi

Drawing on Arches 560 x 760mm. Pencil.

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