The kangaroo paws

It was the striking black and lime green kangaroo paw flowers (macropidia fuliginosa) that first caught my eyes. A rare beauty that thrives in the gravelly laterite soil of Western Australia. Such resilience I thought, emerging from the dusty soil yet giving to the birds and bees. And ever since, the kangaroo paws became an important element in the journey of expressing nature and its gifts. I am privileged to have acquaintances that became my source of inspiration in my own journey, as they dedicate their lives in growing and advocating these amazing Australian native species.

This collection of kangaroo paws illustrates that very passion, the very moment of seeing something so beautiful in nature with a soul that stays within. 

From the left: Anigozanthos ‘bush pearl’; Anigozathos ‘bush inferno’; Anigozanthos manglesii (top, red and green); Anigozanthos ‘landscape gold’; Anigozanthos flavidus ‘landscape lilac’ and Macropidia fuliginosa.

Painting on Arches 560 x 760mm

Published by Sharon Mak

Sharon is a self-taught artist with expansive graphite and mixed-media work focusing on the diverse Australian native flora. Her art work is emotionally rich to bring out the unique and intricate qualities of the native species, drawing parallelism in the abundance of lives around her, and those that continue to inspire her. Her attention to fine details and composition is evident as you delve into Sharon's portfolio of works. Sharon has exhibited in Melbourne and Sydney over the years.

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