I wonder, what is the experience of a blossoming lotus?

Emerging from the muddy soil to embrace the sun,  as one petal opens after another. Absorbing the sunshine and dancing to the gentle breeze during the day. Wrapping its petals as darkness fall. Creating, in a place, timelessly. I wonder.

Indeed, the lotus flower is deemed sacred by many societies and civilizations. In Egyptian mythology, the lotus is even believed to have given birth to the sun as it blossomed with the awakening sun. And many believe the lotus signifies spiritual enlightenment. Whatever your story and belief it may be, make it a connection of your own, your story. My story, is a journey of remembering, a very peculiar evolution of the mind, one might think. Awakening from a plane of paradigms and dogmas. A journey that unfolded the Self, as one petal opened after another. Recognizing the flow of Grace like a river within, flowing gently and turbulent at time. Only to bring me to remember, the Lotus that creates with its existence.

Published by Sharon Mak

Sharon is a self-taught artist with expansive graphite and mixed-media work focusing on the diverse Australian native flora. Her art work is emotionally rich to bring out the unique and intricate qualities of the native species, drawing parallelism in the abundance of lives around her, and those that continue to inspire her. Her attention to fine details and composition is evident as you delve into Sharon's portfolio of works. Sharon has exhibited in Melbourne and Sydney over the years.

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