Reflection, poetry


Penetrating gaze
deep within
searching, exploring
pockets of memories
beliefs and aspirations
flowing gracefully
deep within
like water in a deep stream
giving, creating
A story to call our own.


Leaves rustling
birds orchestrating
a symphony
a dialogue
of deepened conscience
in search of
a reflection
in the mirror
of civilisation.


Breaking away
the chain of animosity
revealing the rawness of freedom
as the war within is forgotten.
A familiar smile
comes close
embracing the face of freedom
as the lines of false hope, disappear.
Clouds shifting in the waters
harmonising to the flow of the winds
a silent melody travels
through time and space
searching for answers
in the universal heart that binds
the clouds of wisdom.
Breathing softly
in the stillness of the night
memories dance
to the song of the heart
music I know so well
past, present and future converge
in the stillness of the night.
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