About Sharon 


It was a breezy evening in Geraldton, a small coastal town in Western Australia with a population of about 20,000 people at the time. I sat on the beach listening to the beating waves and a little art supply shop right across the beach caught my eye. I was transported back to my childhood years as soon as I walked in the art supply shop. Memories came flooding in of how I love to draw. I remembered how I love drawing portraits and how I love having my fingers blackened from shading. I remembered winning drawing competitions and how to use my imagination and visualize. I smiled and I knew I had to draw again. And I never looked back ever since.

Like playing the piano, drawing is no different. One gets better every time, with perseverance, with support, and trusting the quiet intuition. To crystallize the vision in the realm of imagination and dreams. A realm where anything and everything is possible. And more importantly, it is a quiet and expansive space that allows the deepening in one’s own essence, becoming the passion. Yes, the artistic journey has taught me to live and see the world with enthusiasm and gratitude. It has taught me to love and touch the hearts of many, and I have been blessed with enormous appreciation and support from fellow artists, botanists, scientists of all kinds. It has also taught me to share, connect and give back to nature.

Through my work, I aim to celebrate the essence, the movement and light of the wildflowers that blossom unfailingly as the season calls. Like a dancer to the rhythm of the season. Every detail is captured and positioned naturally to create timeless moments, with the hopes of touching one’s heart and spirit.

The passion for environmental conservation has led me to focus on Australian native plants and to promote their specific uniqueness and biodiversity. And now, I am ready to explore the expansive American flora and integrate them in my Australian native illustrations. Nature is always inclusive and connected.

My work is  largely based on pencil, graphite and acrylics on paper, vellum and film. As an artist, I try to inspire those who see my work to discover and reconnect with, and be inspired by, the beauty of native flora no matter where they are.

The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance – Aristotle